Alla Prima - 16x20 Painted Paper 02
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Alla Prima - 16x20 Painted Paper 02

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An alla prima painting would be started and finished in one painting session, but the term is also more loosely applied to any painting done in a direct, expressive style, with minimal preparation.  Use this sampling of exquisite tools to make your work into artwork inspired by the great Italian artist.

Product Details:
• 16"x20" 300DPI Layered Paper Background
• Multiple Layers

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Note: This product requires either Adobe Photoshop CS4+ or Adobe Elements (11 or newer to have full functionality of the layer styles)

*Layered Tiff Files work just like PSD Files. Just open in Photoshop or Elements and you are good to go!

NOTE: Any Player Images or Team Logos are not included with the template. They are only shown here on the website as a demo. Photo Solutions takes no responsibility for use of this sample image if it is used without our permission.

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